Lady Gaga Impersonater..? It’s Even Better!

Lady Gaga is an artist know for her edgy music and fashion sense; she has recently taken the industry for a wild ride with her unpredictable lyrics and performances. Her edge is what makes her so popular and her PR staff emphasizes this uniqueness to her advantage. No one else out there has ever dared to go where she goes with her crazy hats, wigs, shoes, and clothes that she bears (or sometimes doesn’t bear) in her performances, music videos, and public appearances.  She has been around for a good while now but it wasn’t until recently that I started to enjoy her music. I always viewed her in a slightly negative way because she was borderline annoying, but after seeing this youtube video she started to grow on me..

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I know it isn’t Lady Gaga herself actually singing this medley of her songs, but the singer in the video made them seem so catchy to me. I think this video is great press for Lady Gaga; it worked on me so she is plus one fan for the time being. Now anytime I hear her songs I automatically think of this medley and start singing all of the songs together like Sam Tsui (vocalist) & Kurt Hugo (guitarist) do in this video. This video is great for Lady Gaga because not only is it exposure, but it’s free press! This lets others out there know that someone obviously liked her songs enough to create a medley of them and sing with an acoustic guitar. If the saying is true (immitation is the sincerest form of flattery) then this is a huge compliment to Lady Gaga. Not only does it get her music out there in a catchy way, it lets others know that she has fans that are willing to use her songs in their own performances.


Lauren, these commercials crack me up!! I didn’t know what to expect at first with the bears and the report card but it all added up at the end. I completely agree with why they are choosing these approaches; our economy is in a recession and people want cheap fast food. I feel like quantity is being given more value that quality these days because people want their money to go further so they’re willing to give up the luxury of a Starbuck breakfast (for example) and go for something cheaper like BK or McDonald’s. I like Burger King’s interesting approach to the english muffin sandwich. They admit that its pretty much exactly like the McMuffin but that’s okay because “it’s only a buck!”

TOW 15

For this week’s topic I will give future bloggers some tips for staying on track in PRCA 3330. Personally I would have to say that I’ve had a hard time keeping up this semester. The workload is a lot more than I expected and I didn’t learn how to balance everythihng until it was too late. I have never had any experience with blogging or anything like this- Facebook is the closest I’ve gotten before Twitter. Also the fact that this class is completely online presented another challenge. I do know that PR professionals must be up to speed on technology and how to utilize its ever growing popularity in today’s fast paced world and it is important for students to get used to having these responsibilities. I think my difficulty stems from the way in which I learn and retain information; I am a very hands on learner and physical discussion in class really helps me. I know that this is something that I need to work on and I would advise any future PR writers to get used to online classes now because they are becoming more and more common. So without any more delay, here is my top ten list for future PR writing students:

1. Do something for the class everyday!!! Even if it’s just checking to see when something is due or looking at GaView. It keeps the schedule of everything fresh in your mind so even though you don’t go to class everyday you still remember you have assignments due.

2. Do assignments early! Don’t wait to the last minute (like I often do..) because you never know what kind of error your computer has in store for you today. Also remember that many assignments in this class are due at 9:00 a.m. and not noon or midnight; it threw me off a few times because I had gotten so used to it from other classes.

3. Talk to your classmates; even though you are technically not “in class” it is important to interact and get to know these people. It helped me see where I was standing in the class and they sometimes remind you of something you may have forgotten about.

4. Read the chapters!! It makes the RATS go by so much easier and helps with the reading notes.

5. Watch the news or read it online! It is important for PR professionals along with students to be up to date with what’s going on in the media.

6. Learn how to add photos and hyperlinks to your blog, it makes it more fun to read!

7. Make your blog fun, change the background or the font. Do something to make it different from everyone else’s, it helps it stand out.

8. Utilize virtual office hours.

9. Don’t procrastinate!!!!! (most important)

10. Try to have fun with learning something out of all this. Don’t just see it as something to get out of the way for another class.

Chapter 3

Chapter three of our textbook discusses avoiding legal hassles. It is especially important for PR professionals and students to understand the content of this chapter because a deep understanding of mass communication law is essential to achieving professionalism and avoiding unfairness in the workplace.

A few important things that I stood out to me the most include:

  • Not to publish any photographs of employees without their permission. Once permission is gained, make sure the photo is being used tastefully and not harming the image of that person or their anything they are associated with. Also make sure the picture is appropriate for what it is being used for; don’t use a photo of someone from 20 years ago for something that requires an up-to-date picture.
  • Featuring employees in an organizational newsletter must also be approved by the person whom it is about; make sure to run it by them before writing about them. It is also important to keep the focus of the newsletter on the company and not flood it with other concerns that don’t have anything to do with it.
  • Be wary of the information you give to the media. If you are questioned about a certain employee, all that is to be told is their job title and employment dates. Other information is personal and does not concern the company therefore the media must seek out that individual for questioning.

Tiger Woods Media Attention

The Tiger Woods scandal has been in the news for some time now and I’m sure many of you are familiar with what is going on. But to re-cap recent events: “Tiger completed sex rehab and things seemed to be better. Then reports surfaced stating Tiger Woods was returning to golf, a decision Elin was angered by. Shortly after Tiger announced his return, reports flooded the media on a daily basis stating the couple could no longer repair their marriage” (this comes from the source )

So the new rumors going around now are surrounding the divorce. According to their prenuptual agreement, Elin is expected to recieve somewhere around $500 million in the split. The same source as mentioned above also mentioned that reports are saying that Elin is leaning towards taking the children with her permanently to live in Sweden while Woods remains in Florida, but the final word has not been not confirmed.

This story has been getting a ridiculous amount of coverage. During the Master’s tournament, I can remember seeing a little bit of a show on ESPN with a spot in the corner tracking and updating Tiger Woods’ standings. The expression “sex sells” is certainly coming into play in this situation; his sex scandal is getting attention from everyone. News networks, sports networks, print journalism, and majorly the online community because its so interactive and allows for anyone to give feedback. Even our blogs are giving attention to this issue and it’s because of the content and the hype caused by the media. People want to hear about this scandal because it’s “juicy” and interesting and it pushes the envelope because adultery isn’t exactly a topic of “dinner conversation.”

The PR professionals handling all of this attention have a lot riding on how they decide to deal with everything. They don’t want to say too much and they don’t want to say too little. Also, Woods’ return to golf recieved so much media attention that he is actually benefitting from it. Tiger Woods is becoming an “industry” so to speak; he is not just a golfer anymore, he is his own brand in terms of popularity and media attention.

About Me

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a little bit of background information to everyone who happens to come across my blog.. My name is Lauren O’Sullivan and I am a 20-year-old PR student at Georgia Southern University. I’ve been going to school and living in Statesboro for almost three years now and I love my life here at GSU. Before college I lived in Woodstock, Ga (a little north of Atlanta) for about 16 years. I was born in Massachusetts and lived in Norton, Ma until I was two and my parents and I moved to Georgia.

Me in a nutshell- my family and friends are everything to me, I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for all of them! I grew up living with my mother, father, and my younger sister Erin in a sub-urban metro Atlanta-ish neighborhood. They have been there for me through everything along with old and new friends I’ve made over the years. My sister and I actually share a birthday, which most people can’t say about their sibling unless they’re a twin or something. We were born on the exact same day at the end of June only three years apart. I am very spontaneous at times and I can be messy when I get lazy or too busy to worry about it, but many people have that problem to a certain extent.. I love trying new things and meeting new people! I am very creative and I love looking at everyday things in unique perspectives. I believe that everything happens for a reason and people come in and out of our lives so we can learn and grow through the experiences we share. I am a very passionate person who enjoys the freedom my life allows me to have. I wouldn’t change a minute of my life, even the bad, because my experiences have taught me so much. I’m not proud of everything in my past but the mistakes I’ve made help me learn who I want to be and how I want to carry out my life. Something I place extreme value upon is staying true to who you really are. Be the person you want to be, we only get one life and I don’t want to take advantage of a single second of this life that I have been blessed with. Don’t change for anyone, its not worth it.  I appreciate everything I have because I work hard for it. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, and most importantly, I’m true to ME!

I loved being involved in sports when I was growing up; I’ve tried everything from ballet and gymnastics to basketball softball and soccer, but in high school I found that track, swimming, and cheerleading were the ones that I enjoyed the most. I had my first job with a steady paycheck when I was 16 years old. I worked in that restaurant for about three years and it really taught me how to manage my own money, balance time between work school and my own life, and made me grow up a little bit because of the extra responsibility. That job also made me into the hard worker that I am today, even though I hated having to work when some of my friends had free time, I’m thankful now for everything I learned from that experience.

I hope this gives you a little insight to my life and helps explain why I am who I am. As I mentioned before I love meeting new people so feel free to let me know what you think!

Social Media News Release

  • What is a Social Media News Release?
    • A Social Media News Release is a press release format ideal for use in the online world that is relevant to a variety of audiences. They are sometimes called Multimedia News Releases or Smart Media Release (or SMNRs). The ways in which news is released to the public is evolving with our ever-growing technological advances. Electronic distribution services now make it possible for news releases to contain photos and videos and have audio capabilities. According to our textbook, major services of this type have “teamed up with search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN to promote maximum exposure of the news release through search engine optimization” (Pg. 136Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Ed.).
    • describes a SMNR as: “A MultiVu Multimedia News Release is a tried and true resource that provides a multifaceted audience with all of the assets of your news story into one streamlined package.”
  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of a SMNR?
    • One advantage of a Social Media News Release is that it exciting enough to keep the interest of its readers. They visual and audio appeals that capture the attention of the audience and serves as a more interactive way to market to certain publics.
    • They are also targeted towards a broader audience than press releases of the past. Traditional media and the press are not the only ones being exposed to these messages.
    • Also, by teaming up with search engines the press release has the opportunity to be seen by more people. Many people use search engines on a regular basis and an SMNR along their search topic can help them better understand it. So it’s a win-win situation, the company gets its exposure and the consumer gets what they are seeking as well.
    • A disadvantage of a Social Media News Release is that even though the visual and audio appeals of a press release can have an effect on who will take the time to read it, the content is still the main concern of many readers.
    • Sometimes an extensive amount of technology featured in a social media news release can take away from its news value. Some want just the facts, nothing fancy like photos and audio or video clips.
    • Another disadvantage of an SMNR is that they are not filtered by gatekeepers, which monitor the content. I think that it is a good thing to have the content monitored to a certain extent to avoid inappropriate things being published.
  • When should a PR practitioner consider using a SMNR?
    • PR practitioners should start utilizing Social Media News Releases as soon as possible to keep up with the changing times.
    • They are appropriate for use whenever a company needs to reach a wide variety of people in a small amount of time.
  • Here are a few links to websites that assist in creating Social Media News Releases:
  • Here are a few links to Social Media News Releases created by various organizartions:
  • Here are some tips for creating a Social Media News Release:
    • Don’t overload your audience with an abundance of links. Too many links will draw focus away from the message and confuse journalists.
    • Before creating an SMNR it is important to know how the press functions. Educate yourself on the way in which media relations works.
    • Make sure that headlines and paragraphs are placed in key positions so the reader can see what is important.
    • Make sure you include a few links to other websites that reinforce what you want your audience to take away from the message. This will reinforce the central idea of your point.
    • Be sure that the correct format is being used for the appropriate message you wish to send. Many press releases are disregarded because they are written in the wrong format; don’t let this happen to you!
    • Do not submit/publish any false information. Reporters won’t want to work with you if you give them incorrect information.
    • Make sure the length of your SMNR is appropriate. Don’t say too little, but at the same time you want your message to be concise enough to keep the attention of the reader.


     My experiences with Twitter have been a little difficult at first, but fun and interesting at the same time. It was a little hard to find a username that wasn’t already taken. Apparently there are a lot of Lauren O’s out there or something.. But I eventually found that was not taken so that is my Twitter site, feel free to take a look!

     It was a little creepy at first when I saw that I had 19 new “followers” but I soon picked up the lingo of Twitter users. I enjoyed reading and commenting on my classmates “tweets” and making a few of my own of course. I also enjoyed seeing what the PR professionals were tweeting about, it gave me an idea of what to expect if I want a career in public relations.

     I opted for the mobile Twitter option and I definitely recommend it to everyone else. It’s so convenient for all those times when I see something that is worthy of “tweeting” and think, ‘oh, I’ll have to remember that for later,’ but never end up remembering. And I am stuck in the era of no internet on my phone so if anyone else is in the same boat, this somehow works via text message without connecting to the internet on your actual cell phone.

     All in all I think that Twitter is getting easier to adjust to with each day. I am used to Facebook so there are some major differences but I believe that I’m beginning to understand them. I really enjoy using Twitter and I’ve actually been meaning to create one for a while now so I’m glad that I finally have.


               There are many things that come into play when deciding what makes a story newsworthy.  Some factors that i consider include significance, remarkableness, how recent the news is, the location of the news, and who/what is involved.

                The significance deals with what I, as a reader, am going to get from reading the story. If I do not feel that I will benefit from reading something, as a consumer I’m programmed to ignore it.

                If something is remarkable or out of the ordinary it catches my attention. Reading the same old thing all the time is never fun, so I’m more likely to read a story if it involves something unusual.

                In order to be considered newsworthy a story must be recent. If there are already a lot of stories about a topic you’re covering, try to make yours come from a different angle or give it something that makes it stands apart from all the others.

                I am naturally more interested in news that occurs locally and could maybe have an impact on me. It is important to keep this in mind when tailoring a story to a certain audience; people on the other side of the country probably aren’t interested in our local news and vice versa.

                Stories involving well known individuals such as celebrities, politicians, local public figures, etc are more likely to be considered newsworthy because of the level  of fame the person has which the story is about.

Week 5 TOW

     My Favorite Super Bowl commercial this year was the ad featuring a search conducted by a man who (I’m guessing) is studying abroad in Paris, meets a girl, and eventually searches for jobs in Paris and so on. I feel like there are many messages sent through this commercial, the most obvious one of them being that is the best way to search on the web. The message that I took from this ad was that as you evolve, Google evolves with you; no matter what search you enter, will have the best results for you.

     The public that this ad is meant for is young, tech-savvy adults who turn to the internet for answers to everyday questions. I enjoyed the commercial because I do usually rely on when searching the web and watching the commercial is like watching exactly what you see on a computer screen when you use the web site. It made the commercial easier to relate to and the familiarity made it more appealing to Google users.

     I especially liked this ad because I’m studying abroad in Paris this July and that definitely made this commercial catch my attention. I relate to not only the way this commercial was set up, but its content as well.

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